It happened in the land of Shushan during the days of King Ahasuerus that in the third year of his reign, he decided to hold a feast for all his officials and servants to show the riches of his glorious kingdom and the splendor of his excellent majesty. He had a wife named *Queen Vashti* who also made a feast for the women in her royal place.

On a certain day, the heart of the king was merry with wine and he commanded his chamberlains to bring *Queen Vashti* with her royal crown in other to show her beauty to the people because she was beautiful to behold. But she refused to show up.

*Queen Vashti* lacked honour for her husband
*Queen Vashti* was beautiful but proud
*Queen Vashti* lost her opportunity
*Queen Vashti* had the inability to apologize for her wrong
*Queen Vashti* was used as an example to other women to teach them how to honour their husbands be it great or small..

Now, Esther in the picture.

A young beautiful orphan whose name was *Hadassah* *(Esther)* who was raised by Mordecai and was among the beautiful virgins that was sought for the King.
*Esther* possessed the following qualities which I will recommend for any ideal woman. They are as follows;

1). *Not loquacious*: Despite the favour *Esther* found before Hegai, the keeper of the women,she did no reveal anything to her people or kindred. Now, in our time, women no longer control their speech, especially in the area of marriage, finance and other area. For any woman to be successful, she must learn to *”work hard in silence and let success make the noise”*

2). *Contentment*: Every woman in the palace had twelve(12) months for preparation-six months of oil and myrrh and six months with perfumes for beautification. Each woman went to the king and was given whatever she desired but when it was Esther’s turn, she requested nothing. She just wanted to appear natural and making extra effort by adorning herself more than necessary to please the King.

In our present day, many women would wish to apply all the make ups and paintings on their faces to attract men only to discover that not all men are actually after physique but *character*

3). *Obedience*: Even when Esther found grace and favour before the King and was set with the royal crown and made a Queen, she still did not reveal it to her kindred as commanded by Mordecai. And even when the two eunuchs of the King, *Bigthan* and *Teresh* sought to lay hands on the King, it got to the ears of Mordecai who in turn told Esther and she obeyed and told the King who later gave a command that they should be hanged.

“As the saying goes,” To obey is better than to sacrifice”. Many sisters lack this virtue of obedience and would rather prefer to make decisions on their own which most times results in regrets..

4). *Considerate*: *Queen Esther* did not disregard the fact that she had a country, neither did she neglect this because she had been made a Queen but she considered her people (the Jews) when Haaman conspired to destroy them. *Queen Esther* placed her people first before pleasure for Haaman to be put to shame.

5). *Understanding of purpose*: According to the knowledge of the King’s provinces that no man or woman goes into the inner court to the King who has not been called, but *Queen Esther* understood her purpose in the palace and used that medium to exercise her power in delivering her people from the hands of Haaman. She was indeed a *sacrificial woman*.

How many of us still consider where where we came from when we get married to a prominent man in the country?

Do we go with him for the purpose of enjoying material things or making impacts that would benefit the upcoming generation?

Do we stand to fight for justice and not compromise standards because of money?

6). *Prayerfulness*: This is the virtue most of us know about *Queen Esther*. .” ……..and if I perish, I perish!”. Yes, *Esther* interceded for her nation for three days and nights so that she could go in before the King and find favour before him concerning Haaman’s conspiracy against the Jews.

i) Prayer makes you find favour before God and man
ii) Prayer settle matters in the spiritual realm before they manifest in the physical.
iii) Prayer disannul laws and orders of the land.

7). *Humility in speech*: “If it pleases the King, let the King and Haaman come today to the banquet that I have prepared for Him”. *Esther* would have just told the King immediately what her request was since the golden sceptre had been stretched unto her which qualified her to make her petitions before the King.

. *Patience*: *Queen Esther* did not misuse her power. Even when the King and Haaman to the banquet of wine, that the King asked again what her petition was. But she said to the King, ” and if it pleases the King to grant my petition and fulfill my request, then let the King and Haaman come to the banquet which I will prepare for them Tomorrow “. *Queen Esther* took her time to prepare a nice banquet and an avenue to make her petition.

9) *Confidence*: *Queen Esther* was confident to her case to the King. She knew that was the right time to tell of the evil Haaman had planned to do to her people. At that point, the King was wrath with Haaman’s plan.
Remember, the King initially could not sleep because of *Esther*. He wanted to grant her request for she had found favour in his sight.

i). She was obedient to the call
ii). She had a natural beauty that she was comfortable with.
iii). She was considerate about her people.
iv). She was bold to blot out the conspiracy of Haaman against her people before the King in an humbly manner
v). She was a great intercessor and committed one to; praying for the nation
vi). *Mordecai* was elevated because of *Esther*

Be like *Esther* and save the nation.

Ref: Esther 1-8

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